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11 Things You Think When Watching HGTV

Most of us have a favorite TV channel; a safe go-to when we want to kick back and take our mind off the stresses of everyday life. For many people—especially those of us who love real estate—HGTV is a reliable source of entertainment, and a great way to experience some of the ups and downs of home ownership in thirty-minute and sixty-minute increments.

While we all experience shows in our own unique way, there are plenty of overlapping thoughts and emotions that go through our heads when we watch the characters we love (and love to hate) doing their thing, and HGTV is no exception. Here are 11 things that probably go through your head whenever you watch HGTV:

1. Time to settle in on the couch and watch the drama unfold.

All I need is a snack and my remote…the hosts and contestants will do the rest.

Can you keep it down gif

2. I never knew there were so many popcorn ceilings in the world.

That stuff’s gotta go!

Scraping the wall

3. Why did they pick that house!? The other one is sooo much nicer!

What the heck are they thinking!? They’re making a huge mistake.

That was not my decision gif

4. That couple wants completely different things. How the heck are they ever gonna agree on a house!?

She wants a brownstone in the city. He wants a place with a lot of land. Maybe they should call a divorce lawyer.

Granite gif

5. I can’t believe they’re going over their budget like that.

Where are they gonna get the money? Are they selling a kidney?

6. Man, they really love shiplap, don’t they?

At this rate, there’s gonna be shiplap on the floors, ceiling, and kitchen counters soon.

shiplap gif

7. How in the world can they afford that house? It makes no sense!

She’s a part time cat therapist and he’s a student. What am I missing here?

8. David and Hillary never seem to agree on anything, do they?

How can two people who never agree work together like this?

Aggresive Gif

9. There’s no way they could get that renovation done that quickly!

Even with this guy…

Head bang

10. Literally every single guy says they want a mancave.

Was there some sort of memo that went out to all the males in the universe?

11. This makes me want to go out and buy a new place!

I wasn’t planning to move but every time I turn on HGTV, I start daydreaming again.

moving up

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