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12 Things New Real Estate Agents Have In Common With Borat

Love him or hate him, Borat is quite a character. The fictional reporter from Kazakhstan, portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen, is known for his quirky catchphrases and unbridled enthusiasm—even when things aren’t going his way.

In fact, he reminds us a bit of real estate agents when they’re first starting out! See if you agree!

1) You can’t wait to start your career…

I'm very excite

2) You spend a lot of time in your new office…

king in the castle

3) You may be a little too eager to introduce yourself and get new clients…

I want to say hello

4) You successfully navigate the Real Estate Online Listings without assistance…

Great Success

5) You may come on too strong…

6) You get your first listing…

High Five

7) You host your first open house…

This my house

8) You have your first encounter with your seller’s pets…

Swimmiing with Dog

9) You make your first mistake…

It's not me

10) You make your first sale…

Dancing Borat

11) Your friend lists with another “more seasoned” agent…

You joke?

12) You get your first referral…

High Five
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