5 ways to refresh your home and sell fast

If you’re hoping to maximise the sale price, you’ll be surprised how a few simple changes can give you a whole new outlook.

Every property has the potential to look its best at an open for inspection and appeal to its potential buyer market.

Selling your house bring a sense of renewal, and a desire to clean, organize and refresh — especially if you’re hoping to maximizing the sale price. Get your creative gears turning, and whip your space into shape. You’ll be surprised how a few simple changes can give you a whole new outlook.

1. Bring in natural light

Bringing sunlight enhance the welcoming atmosphere inside your home, and allow you to have a friendly interior photography that will help in selling your house faster.

First thing first,  open your blinds and let in the natural light. Instead of flipping on your lights on and off, pull back the curtains and let sunshine light the way. The simple act of opening your windows can help lift your mood, and you’ll save a little on your electric bill too.

Don’t have many windows? Fake it by using large mirrors to reflect light and brighten up your room. Bonus: mirrors also give the illusion of a bigger space, making your home feel brighter, larger and clearer.

Mirrors can offer both space and style to pretty much any home. mirror can enable a space to seem greater and help improve regular light. Not only that, but the mirror reflect the sunlight on the furniture and decors that are made of glass or have a reflective surface. Such reflection will become a source of light themselves and help distributes it to throughout the house. 

2. Give your furniture a clean slate

Dark curtains are highly effective when you want to sleep in or reduce the noise coming from the window. It’s not as effective as it should be when you’re trying to create a light and bright atmosphere. Instead, opt for black-out shades that can be rolled down before you go to bed, and rolled back up in the morning. Using this option, you get your curtain working day and night in your favour. 

For the living room, dining room or other social areas of your home, go for lighter curtains or blinds that can be retracted when necessary.

3. Go green and invite fresh air

One of the best options to bring the outdoor in your house is to ad potted plants, bouquets of flowers and herb gardens. Not only they provide an inviting and welcoming scene but they also give off little spray of oxygen to breathe deeply.

On option to source indoor plant is to target your local farmer’s market for pretty blooms on the cheap, or alternatively grow herbs in grow herbs in windowsill pots. And for all those black thumbs out there, faux plants will still give off a fresh green look, but without all the hassle and maintenance.

4. Create a focal point and sense of unity

It’s common to see houses with too many small furniture scattered all over the places.  Try removing items that don’t contribute to the look you’re aiming for. Unify by using similar colours, feel, look and tones.

After you’ve decided what the layout of the room is, gather the large furniture accordingly – chair at the desk, table in front of sofa, or night stands at either side of bed, then, add the smaller piece of furniture so they sit close to the larger ones.

Don’t place a tiny pedestal table by itself in a corner, or put a small bookcase all alone at the end of the room.

5. De-personalise the house

Potential buyers don’t want to feel like they are moving into another family’s home. Purchasers have the desire to picture how their own life might play out in your space. Give them the room to do so.

Let the buyers imagine themselves in the home without being distracted by heavy personal belonging everywhere.

Simple act such as cleaning the fridge door from any bills or personal invitation, placing clothes, shoes and bags out of sight, hiding letters and post and packing away any pet items will definitely give the buyer the opportunity to imagine themselves in the place.

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