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Do agents still help buyers find houses?

There is an expectation disconnect that often occurs between buyers and real estate agents.

A potential buyer walks into an open home cautiously and acts cagey about their situation, expecting to be hounded by the salesperson if they appear too keen to purchase. But when the realtor doesn’t call them back after the viewing, they get slightly offended by the lack of service.

Why didn’t they ring? Did they think you weren’t serious?

Salespeople genuinely want to help you find a home. But in a busy market, agents can have dozens, if not hundreds of keen buyers waiting for a property. So if you do want help, it’s important to be clear about your situation, come prepared, and give us as much guidance as possible so we don’t waste your time (or ours).

If you meet a real estate salesperson you like and you want their help to find a home, follow these suggestions:

Be honest about your timeframe.

Buyers are trained to say “we aren’t in a rush to buy”. It just flows out like you’re saying your first name. The fact is that this phrase encourages agents to step back and give you space. If you genuinely want help, tell the agent you are in a rush and only have 30 days to buy. Watch the service levels miraculously increase!

But I don’t want to be hounded!

The simple truth is, no one can make you buy a home you don’t want to buy. So you have nothing to lose from building a relationship and gaining a real estate advocate who is trying to help you find your dream home.

You have a lot to gain, too. A proactive salesperson can alert you to new properties that have not yet come on the market. Some properties sell without ever being advertised, as many owners value privacy more than achieving top dollar when selling.

Come prepared.

Have you already chosen a solicitor? Is your finance pre-approved?

If you want help from a busy salesperson then be in a position to make a move if the right house comes up. If you aren’t ready to offer then you are essentially just browsing the market. And while it’s totally ok to browse, it’s important to understand that successful real estate salespeople usually work on a commission-only basis. They need to prioritise their time to work with buyers who are ready to make decisions now.

Stick to one agent for each location.

We all want to have one adviser that we call on when we have an issue. One builder, one accountant, one plumber. Once you find a realtor you like, stick with them. Call them about every home you like, even if it’s not listed under their name. This way, they will get a better picture of what you are looking for.

Better still, if you give them advance warning, they can often represent you with any property in their area, helping you through the negotiation process. Just make sure you call before you visit the property.

Why deal with dozens of different agents when you can have one advocate who knows your situation and knows your goals?

Stay loyal when it’s time to sell.

If an agent has helped you through the buying process, reward them by listing your home with them or referring them to your friends. Even if you didn’t end up buying through them.

No law says you have to list your home with the agent you bought through. When it comes to selling your home, choose the salesperson who showed you respect, took interest in your situation, asked good questions and offered advice that helped you make smart real estate decisions.

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